Starting at $300

1½ - 2 hour of shoot time

Booked Location

Online Gallery to view all your images

$150 down to book


Will my photos be seen online or in any commercial advertising?

When booking you will sign a contract, On there it asks the specific question about the model release of where you are comfortable having these images displayed. I respect everyone's privacy and would never share anything a client didn't give me permission to share. If you are doing a portfolio building session I do ask that I can at least share images with other potential clients who are looking to hire me, but again if you choose for me not to share, I completely understand.
If you give me the ok to share where ever, you are giving me permission to share on my website, social media, prints, contest, and portfolio. More than likely images on social media wont make it past my women only boudoir group on facebook. Every once in a while I may ask if you mind if I share an image on my facebook business page for an ad.

What is your experience shooting boudoir

I have been a photographer for 8 years and only recently decided to take the leap and expand and focus on boudoir photography. I feel confident with making you feel confident :)

Will you guide me through posing?

I understand that this is something kind of nerve racking. I will be there to guide you every step of the way. Lots of arch your back, chin up, hands here, and space your legs a little bit more.

What is the turn around time for photos

It can take about 2-3 weeks to edit, mostly depending on the season they are booked. Fall and spring are more likely to take the full 2-3 weeks where Summer and Winter usually take less time. This is because I edit in the order I shoot. busier seasons take a little more time and less busy seasons take less time.

Lets discuss your boudoir session

Must be 18+ to book