Dreaming big since 1992

I've been a professional photographer for nearly a decade now and absolutely love my job, I couldn't imagine doing anything else! Growing up I always seemed to have a camera in one hand a roll of film ready to be developed in the other. Ya know, my very first purchase was a camera! I wanted so bad to get a polaroid camera, but was too impatient and got a box camera instead! I find a friend in everyone and I feel like that's what makes sessions with me a blast! I stay on the natural sides of shooting. I rather give you something fun to do so you can create a memory and you show me your natural smiles. I will die if I hear you say cheese... jk... kinda.

Growing up I always knew I wanted to be a photographer, but I always thought that meant being in a studio like Sears or JC Penny's. That was far from what I wanted. Actually, I just wanted to be Ashton Kutcher's Professional Photographer (I am still holding on to that dream, lol). In the meantime, I was always shooting selfies and candid shots with my family and friends! Now here I am a whole business owner doing what I've loved to do for years!

Somethings I love...

My husband, Dale

My kiddos, Avoree & David

My baby doggy, Leo

Bingeing tv shows

Home improvement projects


Chips and Salsa

Learning about history

XO MaCenna on Youtube

The 60s

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