Location can be very important to the result of your final images. It help build a narrative, it represents your personality. For example downtown is popular with seniors because it's as close to a city as we can locally get. The city represents fast paced life and we know how bad Seniors just want to be young and free. Where a field would be great for a toddler because when we think of a field we think of wide open spaces! A toddler will be able to show their true wild spirit by running around in that field. When picking out a spot keep in mind the story you want the images to tell.

Kennekuk County Park

Danville IL


Danville IL

Salt Kettle Rest Area

Oakwood IL

A few other spots I shoot at

Fountain trust bank

Convington, IN

Sunset Cemetery

Danville, IL

Vermilion Lake

Danville, IL

Turkey Run

Marshall , IN